Today we are recognizing Brent Clark, Support Group Facilitator in North Kansas City. Here’s why Brent facilitates a BIA-MO Support Group:
Forty-two years ago, after my motorcycle accident and two traumatic brain injuries, my doctor contacted my parents and told them I would not walk, talk or feed myself. At that time, there were few resources and education for families or survivors living with brain injury.
I have facilitated the BIA-MO support group in north Kansas City for the last three years. During the past 10 years, I have worked with families, caregivers and survivors living with brain injury. I help them fill their toolbox with resources, support and enlarge their support system. I want to let others know they don’t need to feel isolated or hopelessness. BIA-MO Support Groups can be a safe place to share feeling and experiences with others who have walked in the same shoes.