Team McHugh Invites You to support us in BOWLING FOR BRAIN INJURY

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We are participating in Bowling for Brain Injury to support the Brain Injury Association of Missouri (BIA-MO) and its services.

Your donation toward our team fundraising goal will help increase awareness, prevent brain injuries, and provide services for persons with brain injuries and their families. Specific BIA-MO services include Community Resource Services, Support Groups, Survivor and Family Seminars, Annual Conference, Donald Danforth Jr. Wilderness Camp, Legislative Advocacy, and more.

Goal: $500

Please help Team McHugh reach our goal this year!

Team Members

  • Joan McHugh

  • Megan Lengyel

  • Maureen Rowles

  • Shannon Marschner

  • Colleen Bellamy

  • Christopher Rowles

  • Craig Lengyel

  • Thomas Marschner

  • Bobby Bellamy

  • Colin Lengyel

  • Austin Lengyel

  • Anna Lengyel

  • Cora Lengyel

  • Gianna Rowles

  • Elia Rowles

  • Charlie Rowles

  • Rocky Rowles

  • Fiona Rowles

  • Brendan Marschner

  • Caitlin Marschner

  • Abby Marschner

  • Patrick Marschner

  • David Bellamy

Event Details
  • St. Louis – Bowlero Chesterfield
    June 15, 2024, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

  • Bowlers enjoy two hours of bowling, shoe rental, pizza, soda, and friendly competition with Team Members and Bowlers in the next lane.


Bowling for Brain Injury continues on June 11 in Kansas City and June 15 in St. Louis. More than $25,000 has been raised so far. There is still time to participate and help others! Learn more about Bowling for Brain
Survivors of brain injury and family members will come together for an in-person event, depending on the Seminar that best fits your
Thank you for supporting the Brain Injury Association of Missouri for Give STL Day on May 9, 2024. Your Give STL Day donations will have a big impact for survivors of brain injury and their families. They will know help is available, hope is essential, and healing is