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As a provider we want to bring more awareness to the Brain Injury community. The fact that this could be one of us at any given time is a humbling experience. This is also called the invisible disability and therefore, those who have TBI are unaware of the assistance out there for them. We want to be that voice for this community until they can find their voice. This is our motivation for wanting to participate in any and all we can to assist in supporting this community.

Goal: $5,000

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Team Members
  • Michelle Pickens
  • Andrew King
  • Kortlen Conn
  • Sidney Brisbane
  • Ramoni Burns-Driskell
  • Alicia McKnight-Burns
Event Details
  • Kansas City – Summit Lanes
    June 20, 2023, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Survivors of brain injury and family members will come together for an in-person event, depending on the Seminar that best fits your
Support Groups, Resource Services, and Family Seminars through the Brain Injury Association of Missouri help survivors and families know they are not alone. Support and education answer questions about brain injury, identify resources within the community, and provide information about farming with [...]
Changes in personality may result from brain injury. After a bump or blow to the head or body that may have caused a brain injury, someone you love may be more anxious, dependent, angry, shy, or even more outgoing and friendly. Despite a lack of visible injury to the head, there could be damage to [...]


Kansas City, Male Survivors Group

Summit Ridge Apartment Clubhouse 701 NE Tudor Rd, Lee's Summit, MO, United States

Kansas City, Male Survivors Group – Third Tuesday of the Month at 4:30 pm. Contact BIA-MO at 1-800-444-6443 for more information. Summit Ridge Apartment Club House, 701 NE Tudor Road, Lee Summit, MO 64086 Contact: Jason Miller, (816) 509-1463, *This Support Group is open to males with brain injury.