I sustained a TBI from a 24′ vertical fall in Nov 2011. In addition to the TBI, I fractured three cervical vertebrae, my mandible and facial bones. My ER and ICU stay was 6 weeks followed by 3 months of intensive inpatient therapy. Then another 6 months of outpatient PT, OT and Speech Therapy. Then it was “back to work for me” as suggested by my Voc Rehab counselor and OT.

During the past 6 years of rehab and recovery work, I have been able to:

  • Drive a car and truck again
  • Work part-time four days per week
  • Return to Alpine Skiing as a National Alpine Ski Patroller and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Ride a bicycle, as well as a motorcycle
  • Take on-line academic work in emergency medical care and Trauma Management and Spanish
  • Volunteer several days per week.

I am indeed a very fortunate guy. I have had SUPERB PROFESSIONAL CARE and support and attend the BIA-MO Support Group. I compliment and thank my rehab and recovery care providers at BJC, SSM Rehabilitation, Missouri Voc Rehab, BIFSTL and BIA-MO for their unwavering support, help, inspiration and educational programs.