Missouri Motorcycle Helmet Law Repealed

Governor Parson signed House Bill (HB) 1963. He repealed the Missouri
all-rider motorcycle helmet law.

As of August 28, 2020 more people will die and will sustain brain injuries on Missouri roadways. It is unfortunate that Governor Mike Parson chose to ignore calls, emails and letters from organizations and individual advocates. Instead he decided to add to the Missouri Budget shortfall, allow higher costs to Missouri taxpayers and increase waiting lists for services for individuals with brain injury.

Governor Parson’s signing of HB 1963 contradicts his position on other current issues facing Missouri.

Regarding the COVID-19 crisis, Gov. Parson said that the State would not overstep its boundaries and that local officials would determine when the timing is right for local governments to re-open their communities.  However, HB 1963 takes away local control of motorcycle helmet laws by not allowing them to pass local motorcycle helmet laws. Recently he signed HB 600 as “safety” for our communities. Data has proven that motorcycle helmets are a safety feature for motorcyclists.

Signing HB 1963 is a disappointing decision by Gov. Parson and a setback for Missouri residents.

Thank you for all of your efforts as we tried to prevent brain injuries and save lives!

Maureen Cunningham
Brain Injury Association of Missouri
Executive Director