Contact Governor Parson to Save Lives, Prevent Brain Injuries and Save Tax Dollars

The Missouri legislature passed House Bill (HB) 1963 that repeals the Missouri all-rider motorcycle helmet law.

With a VETO of HB 1963 Governor Mike Parson can save lives, prevent brain injuries and save Missouri tax dollars.

Please help maintain our current law. Contact Governor Parson’s office as soon as you receive this information.

Phone 573-751-3222 (They are not asking names – so call often.)
Online: Contact Us Form.

Message Talking Points: 

Please VETO House Bill (HB) 1963.

The repeal of the Missouri all-rider motorcycle helmet law will result in more deaths, brain injuries and costs to taxpayers.

Death and Disability: More than 100 people die and an average of 1,800 more are injured in motorcycle crashes each year. These numbers will significantly increase with the repeal of the all-rider motorcycle helmet law.

Financial Costs: The State is already experiencing budget cuts and decreased revenue.  Repealing our all-rider motorcycle helmet law will add $3 million in costs to the State and taxpayers. Persons with brain injury will not receive needed services, as waiting lists grow.

Share a personal or professional story about motorcycle helmets saving lives or reducing the severity of brain injuries.

Thank you.

Your Help is Appreciated

Thank you in advance for your efforts to maintain the Missouri All-Rider Motorcycle Helmet Law.

Please contact Governor Parson now. Then share this information with others who care about saving lives, preventing brain injuries and saving tax dollars. A shareable document with this information can be downloaded here.


Repealing the Missouri All-Rider Motorcycle Helmet Law will:

37% increase in motorcycle fatalities in Missouri. The economic loss in Missouri is $9.9 million per fatality each year.

1,000 individuals in Missouri would sustain a moderate to severe brain injury.

$3 million increase in costs covered by taxpayers for motorcyclists who are injured in a crash. And the cost will increase annually.

67% reduction in risk of brain injuries when a motorcyclist wears a helmet.