Points of Light Annual Giving Club


Points of Light Champions

 Leadership gift of $5,000 or more for organization sustainability and growth 

        Mrs. Donald Danforth Jr. 

        William H. Danforth, MD

        Sargent Construction Family 

Points of Light Members 

Annual gift of $500 or more to support all programs of BIA-MO. 

         Anne and Douglas Albrecht 

Mrs. Melvin Bahle

         Laura and Charles Barnes 

Cynthia and Benjamin Bishop

Kimmy and Stephen Brauer

Jean-Jaques Carnal

Margaret and Steven Culver

Maureen and Dave Cunningham 

Molly and Chris Danforth 

Susannah and Donny Danforth 

Adele Dilschneider 

Evelyn and Clayton Fenter 

Annette Griggs

Becky and Arthur Hailand

Wren Hall

Mike Harris

Kerry and Bill Holekamp

Kathy and David Hollo 

Timothy Imhoff

Alan Jones

Bettie Johnson

Todd Keske

Cheryl and Keith Kowalczyk

Libby and Jim McDonnell III

R.M. Morriss, III

Anne and Charles Mott

Carrie and Bill Polk, Jr. 

Lauren and Fred Schwarz

Sally Stafford

Meade Summers III

Debbie and Jack Thomas 

Joan and John Vatterott