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Welcome to the Brain Injury Association of Missouri

News and Announcements

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Brain Injury Fact of the Day 

Today’s Fact: March 6

Approximately 5.3 million Americans are living with a long-term disability resulting from brain injury.  Each year another 80,000 to 90,000 individuals become permanently disabled from a brain injury that  can include limited mobility, short-term memory, inability to concentrate, poor balance, blurry or double vision, depression and chronic pain.

Learn more about the Brain Injury Fact of the Day

The 5.3 million Americans living with a long-term disability due to brain injury is about 2% of the total population of the United States. Learn more.  

Since the disabilities from brain injury are often not readily apparent to the public – unlike a broken leg for example – brain injury is referred to as an invisible disability.  However, the permanent disabilities arising from cognitive, emotional, sensory and motor impairments can alter the person’s vocational goals and impact family and social relationships. Learn more.  

Examples of disabilities due to brain injury can include short term memory, depression, limited mobility, difficulty thinking, processing new information or problem solving, anxiety, visual impairments and hearing loss. Education and support can help as you and your loved one adjust to life with brain injury. Learn more:  The Missouri Greenbook - Life after Rehabilitation (home, work and school) and 2015 BIA-MO Support Groups.  

For more information contact the Brain Injury Association of Missouri for support, education, recreation and advocacy at 800-444-6443. 


March 5

Hospitalizations and deaths from stroke continue to decrease since 2001.  However, stoke is still the fourth leading cause of death in rural counties of Missouri.  As an acquired brain injury, stroke can affect memory, thinking and reasoning, visual perception, balance and emotions of the person.  Sudden signs of a stroke are face drooping, arm weakness and speech difficulty.

March 4

The average cost for medical care, rehabilitation, home modifications and other costs associated to brain injury can exceed $150,000 for the family.  The annual cost of brain injury to society exceeds $76.5 Billiondollars each year in the United States. This includes medical care, rehabilitation services, home modifications and loss of productivity.

Learn more about previous Brain Injury Facts of the Day. 

Program Sponsors:

Missouri AgrAbility Project
Cultivating Solutions for Farmers with Disabilities
The Missouri AgrAbility Project is funded in part by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
(NIFA) under sponsored project number 2014-41590-22323.

The Rehab Institute of St. Louis 
The Mission of The Rehab Institute of St. Louis is to expand the possibilities and enhance the lives of those we serve. 


BIA-MO Survivor and Family Regional Seminars
Same Sessions-Three Locations

Southwest - March 21 Western - April 25    Eastern - October 17

The Brain Injury Association of Missouri Survivor and Family Regional Seminars provide helpful information, practical suggestions and support for life with brain injury. The same sessions are presented on all three dates. 

2015 Program Agenda:
Brain Injury 101
Loving the New Me
Making and Keeping Relationships
Building Therapy Into Your Day
Ask the Specialists Panel
The Elephant in the Room - Intimacy and Sexuality
Guardianship Codes - Proposed Changes

*For session details and seminar locations, click here

There is no charge but registration is required. Registration is easy!
Register Online
Print a Registration Flier

BIA-MO Donald Danforth Jr. Wilderness Camp
May 31 - June 5
Dittmer, MO

It's Camp Time! The Brain Injury Association of Missouri Donald Danforth Jr. Wilderness Camp will be held May 31 - June 5, 2015.

This year we will be adding adventure activities to the traditional camp fun.
 To combine tradition and adventure, the BIA-MO Donald Danforth Jr. Wilderness Camp will be held at Sunnyhill Adventure Camp in Dittmer, Missouri.

More information and details available here.

New adventures include:
rock climbing wall
paddle boat riding
organized nature walks
alpine tower.

Registration is required to attend camp. 
Print a Registration Form
Mail to: Sunnyhill Adventures, PO Box 246, Dittmer, MO 63023

BIA-MO Camp Open House at Sunnyhill
You can test the new adventures that will be available at the BIA-MO Donald Danforth Jr. Wildnerness Camp, your Sunnyhill, and prepare to make new friendships with other survivors of brain injury who may be attending the BIA-MO Camp week with you. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm at Sunnyhill Adventure Camp, 6555 Sunlit Way, Dittmer, MO  63023. RSVP to the Brain Injury Association of Missouri at 800-444-6443 or

We encourage you to check out Sunny Hill Adventures website at to see pictures and learn more about Sunny Hill. 

Print an Open House Flier/Registration Form
Submit to BIA-MO:
Mail: BIA-MO, 2265 Schuetz Road, St. Louis, MO  63146
Fax: 314-426-3290

Bowling for Brain Injury

Saturday, June 20, 2015
12:00 noon - 2:00 pm

Event Locations:
   St. Louis        Springfield
 Chesterfield Brunswick Zone Enterprise Park Lanes
176 Four Seasons Shopping Center 1625 South Enterprise Ave   Chesterfield, MO 63017 Springfield, MO 65804

Bowling for Brain Injury is a National fundraiser of the Brain Injury Association and is open to persons of all abilities. Money raised in Missouri supports services in Missouri. These services include support, education, recreation and advocacy.

By participating in Bowling for Brain Injury on Saturday, June 20, 2015, you are supporting programs of the Brain Injury Association of Missouri. Your participation as a Team Captain, Bowler, Absentee Bowler or Donor is essential

Get your registration submitted to create your page and start raising money. Online registration is not currently open, please fill out a registration form. 

Print a Registration Form
Mail to: BIA-MO, 2265 Schuetz Road, St. Louis, MO  63146
Fax to: 314-426-3290



YOU CAN Make a Difference

Your back-to-school, everyday and work shopping can benefit the Brain Injury Association of Missouri at no extra cost to you.

School and office supplies, clothes, dorm room essentials and more are all available through retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Verizon, Famous Footwear, Finish Line, Office Max and more.

When you make on-line purchases using the Shop Thru the Heart mall, a donation will be made to the Brain Injury Association of Missouri (BIA-MO). There is no additional cost to you or BIA-MO.

It is easy to Shop Thru the Heart
Go to
Choose Shop from the top of the screen
Click Sign-in from the top of the screen (you can use the BIA-MO general account)
Enter the following information in the I’m a Returning Customer box (case sensitive):
       Email Address:
       Password: GOSHOP
Make your online purchases with up to 10 percent of your total being donated to the Brain Injury Association of Missouri, at no additional cost to you.

How does Shop Thru the Heart work, this sounds to good to be true? 
The mall receives a commission based on your purchases. They then make a donation to BIA-MO based on your purchase - when BIA-MO is your selected charity or you sign-in using the BIA-MO general account. There is no additional cost to you, your company, employees, colleagues and friends.

Please Shop Thru the Heart for your on-line purchases for home, school and work.


YOU can provide help and hope for individuals and families adjusting to life with brain injury.

You probably know a survivor of brain injury. You might be a survivor or have a loved one with brain injury. Perhaps you have a friend or colleague who is impacted by brain injury. You know the emotional roller-coaster survivors and families experience in these days, weeks, months and year that follow the injury. 

Please be help and hope for survivors and their families, colleagues and friends or anyone you know that has been impacted by brain injury. A donation helps all of those listed above and more, to receive information and answers. 

Donate Now. 



BIA-MO Social Recreation Event Coming Up Next:


St. Patrick's Day Party!

Saturday, March 14, 2015
2:00 - 4:00 pm

BIA-MO Office
2265 Schuetz Road
Saint Louis, MO 63146

*Bring a snack to share and come join the fun!!!

RSVP to314-426-4024 or

For Questions: Call 800-444-6443 or email

 To download the 2015 Social Recreation Calendar, Click Here

Membership – Voice of Brain Injury in Missouri 
Your Membership in the Brain Injury Association of Missouri matters. It ensures that survivors of brain injury and their families have access to services, receive support and education to face new challenges, and celebrate accomplishments in their lives. Click here for more information about Membership.

Brain Injury Association of Missouri Board Meetings

Members of the Brain Injury Association of the Missouri are welcome to attend Board Meetings as a guest.  The meeting dates for 2015 are:
February 14
April 11
June 13
September 12
December 12.  

All meetings are held at University Hospital, One Hospital Drive, Columbia, MO 65212 in the Main Street Conference Room on the 1st Floor.  The Executive Committee meets at 9:15 am followed by the Board of Directors meeting at 10:30 am.

BIA-MO Membership has many benefits. Join today.

Membership is free for survivors of brain injury.    




Brain Injury Association of Missouri, Inc.

2265 Schuetz Road

Saint Louis Missouri 63146

Toll Free 800-444-6443

Phone 314-426-4024

Fax 314-426-3290

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